About Us

The Spokane Referral Network is an association of business professionals who meet to exchange business referrals, educate one another about our professions, and for fellowship. Our main purpose is the development of business for one another.

Membership is limited by business category. Only one member per category is allowed.

Spokane Referral Network meets virtually on a weekly basis each Wednesday morning from 7:00am to 8:00am.

Each meeting consists of a discussion of Group business, a short presentation by one of the members updating us on events / trends in their business/ profession, then closing with each person giving a short spiel promoting their business and whatever is current.

In order to build comfort among the members for referrals, each member is asked to do a visitation each month with one other member focusing on understanding the scope of the other member’s products or services and how you might best work together. We also have quarterly socials (anything from going to Arbor Crest music, CDA cruise, high school plays, progressive dinners, visiting Christmas Tree Elegance), again with the purpose of building the comfort level among members.

A business must visit two times, then they can apply. As an independent group, the cost is minimal, and all monies are returned to members one way or the other through incentives and awards or Group sponsored events. Total over the year is $360. We give awards each month. You can cover a lot of a year's costs just by showing up ($20 a month for perfect attendance), plus awards for giving referrals. The Group is a good way to help spread your business name and to generate additional business.